La Cigale Wines

Importers and Distributors of Fine Wines

Fort Worth, Texas


Welcome to La Cigale Wines

It is inarguable that many of the world’s best-known, prestigious wines come from centuries-old chateaux and modern day architectural marvels owned by captains of industry, movie producers and multinational re-insurance corporations; we base our efforts on the belief that many other great wines come out of family vineyards where the owners toil in the fields and caves daily. At La Cigale we think the wines from these family producers are more likely to retain the sense of place that stamps them uniquely, and that the cost of enjoying them is more reasonable when the bottom line takes back seat to personal pride in producing the best wines.

Our original portfolio of select French and Italian wines has expanded to include wines from Argentina, Chile, Spain and the USA. We are not done yet, but we will always strive to bring you wines of character that speak clearly of their terroir; we hope you will enjoy them, and feel yourself to be a smart buyer as well.